FVY 63: Stress. Burnout. Overwhelm. And what to do about it.

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Are you stressed?  Do you feel burnt out?  Overwhelmed?Me too.
Life is good. Really good. But sometimes things can still get a bit too much.  To many ‘to do’s’.  Too much work (even though you may love it).  Not enough play.  Not enough down time.  In this podcast I share a few questions to ask yourself if you’re feeling this way, how to check in with yourself, and a few simple actionable items to implement right away.  I have a few podcast interviews lined up with AMAZING guests (can’t wait to share) on the topics of self care, saying no, early warning signs that your life is out of balance.
Be sure to go back and listen to episode 3 with Christine Line and episode 20 with Julie Boyer  and download Christine’s ‘energy circle’ worksheet.
I appreciate you!
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