FVY 70: How Running Saved my Life with Ashley Wiles

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The night is darkest just before dawn.
And for Ashley Wiles, that is certainly true. 
Ashley has a powerful story of how running helped her through some very dark times of her life, and ultimately saved her life.  From her difficult experience, she founded Sole Girls,  an empowerment program for girls ages 8–12 to teach girls about self–esteem, confidence, bullying, being a positive peer, goal setting and success, healthy living, values and more!
Get ready for some real talk about depression, bullying, anxiety, and more importantly, what you can do. 
Click on the video below watch Ashley’s TedX talk. 

Connect with Ashley and learn more about Sole Girls: www.solegirls.org to sign up www.solegirls.org/leadhership

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