FVY 110: You are ENOUGH with Brady Johnson

You lose the weight. You get that promotion. You check the boxes. You achieve. You succeed. But you don’t feel happy. You feel flat. And you don’t know why. And you don’t know what to get that feeling of happiness, of fulfillment. You are successful… and miserable. 
This story is all too common. And without the feeling of happiness, it’s so easy to slip back to bad habits, or to keep pushing for the next level, and to get burned out. 
I am thrilled to bring Brady onto the Fit and Vibrant YOU podcast to share her story of success, misery and burnout, and how she helps the women she works with become healthier and happier- and to actually FEEL that way. 
You’re going to discover:
-why we struggle with fulfillment when we accomplish goals, and what to do about it
-why saying NO to more things is critical to become the best version of yourself
-HOW to ditch the internal and external pressures to do more in order to achieve your best health 
-how to fully recharge your batteries so you can FEEL the day and be happy
-Brady’s exact morning routine that helps her raise her energy and happiness
Growing up in a small town and never quite feeling like she fit in as a child, Brady turned to fitness as a coping mechanism. Since then, she has been able to use fitness to inspire others to live healthier and happier, by opening a thriving Fitness Studio, Encompass Fitness, in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Through her work in fitness, and her passion for helping others discover their potential, Brady realized that fitness was only part of the equation to a healthy and happy life, and that mindset also played a detrimental role. In addition to Encompass Fitness Studio, Brady also started a second business,  Enough Already, where she coaches women to find the confidence and courage to live as their most radiant and authentic selves. 

Connect with Brady:
bradyjohnson.ca –> Take my Free 3 day course called “Say Yes to Less” to create more time for you! 
Add her on Facebook: Brady Johnson 
Follow me on Instagram: @bradyjahnna 

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