FVY 111: Tips to ENJOY your Workouts!

Being active is important… but so often our workouts get put on the ‘have to’ list- along with laundry, paying bills and getting groceries.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to experience more JOY from your workouts? To look forward to your sweat sessions? To feel accomplished each time you complete a workout?
In this solo episode you’ll discover:
-a simple perspective shift to help you get excited for your workouts
-5 ways to make your workouts more enjoyable 
-And as promised…
My current iTunes Playlist (not all the songs are workouts songs, but I skip the slow ones when I’m getting my sweat on!)
Template #1 to workout with PURPOSE (feel free to change up the exercises!)
7 Exercise circuit:
30 seconds pull-ups (or row)
30 seconds squat + 1 arm press
30 seconds change sides
30 seconds hip hinge or kettlebell swings
30 seconds renegade row or plank
30 seconds box jumps or high knees
30 seconds down dog to push-up (or down dog to plank)
Rest 10 seconds between each exercise. Rest 1 minute after each round. Aim for 5-6 rounds
Template #2 to workout with PURPOSE
40 seconds STRONG strength exercise (think pull ups, deadlifts, row, squats)… something that you could do with a heavier weight, that use the major muscle groups
40 seconds STABILITY strength exercise (think exercises that require some stability, such as a 1 arm shoulder press, reverse lunge to balance). If the exercise is single sided, to 40 seconds of each side. 
40 seconds MOBILITY strength exercise (think exercises that move you through the full range of motion but still require use of your muscles, such as MB wood chop, down dog to plank, walking lunge with a band pull apart).
10 seconds in between each exercise. Repeat for 3 rounds.
Pick 3 Groups of 3 exercises (each group takes 7 min 20 seconds). 
Pick 2 exercises such as squats and push-ups.
Do 10 squats, 10 push-ups. Then 9 of each, 8 of each, etc. 
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