FVY 114: Healthy Hormones with Justine Cécile

HORMONES. It’s a HUGE topic, and I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with Justine Cécile, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who specializes in supporting  women who are struggling with raging hormones, even when they are on hormone therapy.
You’ll discover:

  • the #1 most common root cause of hormone imbalance (and what to do about it)
  • why hormone replacement therapy might not be working for you
  • the lifestyle habits to support your thyroid gland and a healthy metabolism
  • three things you must to to balance your hormones

About Justine:
While working on herself and with clients, Justine discovered that there are three areas in women’s health that are largely ignored; hormonal health as a whole, gut health and how our mind works with our biology.  Realizing that we are responsible for our own health, yet we can’t do it alone, JustineCécile brings her personal experience, education and resources together to guide and mentor women to regain control of their health and happiness. 

Justine Cécile has spent the last 18 years mastering how to get in-tune with the body and influencing environments to improve health and increase happiness. She served in the military and worked with refugees, was a university professor, a programmer and managed software development and now has branched out to support women who have put themselves last for most of their lives.  Her personal experience with a chronic illness that is poorly understood and her strengths of being able to connect the dots, to communicate complex issues with simplicity and to sincerely connect with others has led her to the path she is on today.

Visit Justine online: justinececile.com
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