The Power of Breath with Jill Sawchuk (FVY 129)

It’s simple, we have access to it anytime, anywhere, and it has the power to positively transform our lives.
Yet, many of us don’t use it. 
It’s our breath. 
I am excited to invite Jil Sawchuk to the podcast to share with us the potential of our breath. 
We break it down so it’s SIMPLE (I’m a huge fan of simple daily action!)

  • Why breath awareness is so important- especially in our face paced, high stress environment
  • A SIMPLE way to start a breath- awareness practice even if you think you can’t
  • Exactly what to do in your breath-awareness practice

As promised: Jill’s Savasana Practice:

Savasana from Jill Sawchuk on Vimeo.

Meet Jill:
“Although the seed of yoga was planted in me at a very young age, it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began a home practice and my passion was truly ignited. Yoga transformed me and I have been devoted to it ever since. I received my formal certification from the International Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Neyyar Dam, India in 2001. However, what I teach is a culmination of everything I have learned, and is continually evolving as my own practice deepens.
What I want to share with others is the potential we all have within, for health and happiness. I encourage people to get curious about themselves, their experience, their bodies and their breath. I promote listening, observing and honoring the body. I love to see people tap into their intuition and begin to trust their instincts. I hope to inspire others to explore their limitless potential.
I am continually amazed to see what we can do by ‘allowing’ rather than by ‘pushing and pulling’. I see asana as a way of connecting with ourselves, and a way of developing awareness. Breath plays a large role in what I teach.
I am eternally grateful for all the amazing teachers that have shared their wisdom and have influenced me. My highest regards for those that have gone before us paving the way. Most recently, I am touched by the intuitive teachings of Diane Long and Vanda Scaravelli. I am forever changed and grateful for the teachings of Vipassina meditation and for the long lineage of teachers that have kept the wisdom alive.”
Connect with Jill online:

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