What If You Fail? What If You Don’t Reach Your Goal? (FVY 189)

Picture this:  you’re making progress, you’re gaining momentum. You’re feeling good.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, the doubts and worries come knocking (they seem especially persistent at night when you’re trying to sleep).

What if I fail? What if I lose the weight and then gain it back again? What if I don’t stick with it?

What if they judge me? What if I offend her? What if I make the wrong choice?

What IF.

You ask the questions… and then your brain does what it does best: it looks for all the reasons why things will go wrong, all the ways things could go wrong, leaving you with fear, anxiety, doubt, and preparing for the impending doom.

Not only does it halt your weight loss, but it also feels terrible.

This week’s podcast is all about how to stop the ‘what if’ runaway train before it derails you!

When you’re ready to take the next step, here’s how I can help.

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