Have to VS Get to

My community often says I’m ‘inspiring’ and ‘positive’ and ‘encouraging’. It’s true, I often operate there.

Also true: I can often feel just the opposite.

I can feel overwhelmed. I can feel unsuccessful. I can feel like my work week is heavy with all the ‘to do’s’. I can worry about my businesses. I can feel stuck. I can feel anxious when turning work off on vacation. I can feel ho-hum about life.

Feelings though are a funny thing. They are true, as in you FEEL them, but they are not always RIGHT.

We LOVE black and white statements like “If it does not FEEL good it isn’t” or “just listen to your gut feeling”, but those statements are only useful for getting likes and hearts on social media.

Here’s what IS helpful:

πŸ’• The understanding that somethings things will not feel good, especially if you are pressing into growth and leaving your comfort zone. You might be terrified. You might feel scared and anxious.

πŸ’• The reality that the purpose of life isn’t to always feel good and be happy.

πŸ’• Listening to feelings is more complex than a cute social media quote. You can integrate your intellect, your past experiences, and more to decide how to respond to your feelings.

πŸ’• Understanding how feelings work, and where they come from. For me, it’s not the workload that’s the problem. It’s not what I need to do that’s the problem, it’s my perspective.

Here’s what I do:
πŸ™Œ Work through my feelings using the 5 Step Emotional Coaching process (I teach this in my Fit +Vibrant Over 50 program).

πŸ™Œ Ensure that I’m maintaining my regular routines for motivation, clarity and staying organized. 100% of the time when I feel this way, I realize I have not been celebrating my wins, or going through the motions of celebrating my wins. Daily movement is KEY for helping me get a better mindset.

πŸ™Œ Get hyper-aware about drifting into defeating habits such as comparing myself to others.

πŸ™Œ Connect to my greater purpose- and that is to serve. My quick mantra is “Show up and serve”.

πŸ™Œ Challenge my beliefs and thoughts. I also get really deliberate about my language. Most of the time I can transform my feelings by swapping ‘have to’ with ‘get to’. This week I GET to hop on the microphone to record two podcasts. I get that opportunity to reach out to just one more woman who is ready to rise up and start taking care of herself. I get to set goals for my business and create my plan. I get to tinker with social media ads. I get to coach the most INCREDIBLE group of women.

Friend, YOU keep me inspired. YOU help me shift to a more positive, inspirational, encouraging mindset.

I hope I can do the same for you.

-Tanja x

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