Getting a Good Nights Sleep (how to improve your sleep quality)

Sleep is one of the most important things for our overall health. It helps with our metabolism, our workout performance, and even improves our choices throughout the day. We also feel way better when we’re getting adequate sleep.

Do whatever you can during your day to ensure a great sleep later. This could include:
😴 Exercising in the morning so you’re more tired at the end of the day
😴 Limiting your caffeine consumption to the morning
😴 Trying to do as much of your high-stress work in the early part of the day so you’re not over-stimulated in the evening.

Create an evening routine that helps you wind down. What helps you relax and sets you up for the best possible sleep?
😴 Maybe it’s reading a book instead of looking at screens.
😴 Maybe it’s doing some calming yoga.
😴 Maybe it’s taking a bath with lavender essential oils.
What can you do in the evenings to get your body ready for bed?

😴 Try to skip the late-night snacks. There’s a reason people recommend not eating less than three hours before bedtime. Our bodies need to be cool to get into a deep sleep. Eating food close to bedtime causes a spike in our metabolism, which causes our bodies to heat up. By finishing our meals and snacks earlier in the evening, we keep our bodies cooler and can fall asleep with greater ease.

Which of these will you try to improve your sleep?
Tanja x

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