Gina Gibson

Just a few years ago I was sitting at home feeling horrible about myself and wondering what had happened. In 2008 I quit smoking and over the course of a year gained about 35 pounds which for me was quite a lot. I weighed in at 197lbs at my heaviest and hadn’t weighed that much since my youngest daughter was born (she is turning 16 in 2 weeks). I didn’t know what to do but needed some help so I started with Herbalife products and doing their weight loss program. Over the next few years I went back and forth sticking with it and falling off the wagon so to speak, but trying to make changes to our eating habits. This has always been a challenge as we love junk food and the ease of pre-packaged food.
During this time I registered for the SunRun training, ran 2 – 10km runs and wanted to get in better shape, just dieting wasn’t enough anymore I wanted to get healthier and fit. A family friend (Brian) talked about Ascend Fitness and how wonderful it was, the staff were great and really took the time to get to know you, working with you not at you. Brian’s wife Geri also joined Ascend Fitness and was having great success not only losing weight but building muscle and stamina to help with sleepless nights and working long hours. After some discussion with my husband I decided to try it out for 6 months. I started with Boot Camp 3 x per week and right away loved it. I loved how I felt in the morning, so energized and the staff (Chris) really focused on helping me with the different techniques. It was personal and that was something I hadn’t experienced before.
Unfortunately due to my work schedule I wasn’t able to continue with boot camp, but after some discussion with Tanja found Small Group Training to be a better fit. I love it, I love Gordon and Carlene. They take the time to ask you about you, to get to know your family to know you as a person not just a number or a pay check. I love going to class, being challenged and being rewarded knowing I’m changing not only my life but my life. As I get healthier so does my family it just works. I’m really looking forward to taking part in the other activities being offered like hiking and think this is something unique to Ascend. No were else does a gym want to provide extra’s at no cost this is what makes Ascend so special.
As a result of joining Ascend I have lost a few more pounds, shed some inches which helped me fit in my wedding dress and feel confident in my own skin, I have also decided to take on my first triathlon in September and I know I will have the support and encouragement of Ascend because we are a family, we work, we play, we teach and we learn together.
Thanks to all the staff, the hard work and dedication has empowered me to work harder, and try to push myself to new heights. My family thanks you too and thanks to all of you my daughters have a role model to inspire them to be healthy for themselves, no one else.

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