Gloria Garcia

I have been struggling with my gradual weight gain for the last few years, like previous years my New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to lose some weight and get fit, but this time I was serious.  I joined the Chilliwack Sun Run  where I found out about Ascend Fitness Coaching.  I had tried the gym, diets, and my own healthy lifestyle attempts, however I lacked the motivation and consistency of effort to achieve this goal.  It was time to try something new, and (if you are anything like me) I needed someone to push, challenge, and motivate me. I did lose weight, but not only that, it feels so good that in only 4 months my whole body has changed.  I am building muscle, getting toned and feeling great, I have lots of energy and I feel a lot happier.  I have lost 20 lbs and 5 inches off my waist!
Tanja and her team are very professional, they always make sure you do the exercises the right way and get the best results, and it is never boring, workouts are always different and challenging. Is never too late to start, and is one of the best investment I your life. You will never regret taking care of your most valuable possession.
….”by treating your body like the prized commodity that it is, you can prevent future health care costs that are hard to anticipate, but are easier to avoid” -Gloria Garcia

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