Goal Setting

Before you can achieve your health and fitness goals, you need to set your health and fitness goals.  When setting your health and fitness goals, remember to keep them SMART.
Be SPECIFIC.  ‘Getting into shape’ is a very general ambition.  Instead, pick a specific achievement, such as completing a 5-kilometer walk, or completing a gym workout two times per week.  Weight or size related goals are okay to have as well, but make sure you have other ‘action’ based goals.
Success should be MEASURABLE.  You should know when you achieved your goal so you can celebrate!
Have an ACTION-PLAN.  How are you going ‘get in shape’ to reach your specific goal?  An action plan may be to walk three kilometers on the Rotary trail each day, or to do a yoga or dance class once per week, or to swap your after-dinner cookies for a piece of fruit.  Your fitness coach will help you with your action plan.
Be REALISTIC.  If you despise jogging unless its 20 degrees and sunny, going for a run three days per week may not be a realistic option for you.  Chose a goal that suits your likes and lifestyle.  The more you enjoy your activity, the more likely you will stick with it.
Give yourself a TIME FRAME.  It’s easy to say that this year you train for a half marathon or start Boot Camp, but when is your deadline?  A deadline is will give you a target to strive for.  Usually we encourage clients to set long term goals (1, 3 or 5 years) and short term goals (1 and 3 months).
Successful people make goals that are important to themselves.  No one can tell you what your goal should be.  With that being said, your fitness coach at Ascend Fitness can help tweak your goal to make sure it it a SMART one.

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