Got 30 Minutes? Then Get Buff!

Deadlifts by Franco Columbo, Arnold's lifelong training partner.

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes,
The months is winding down- which means the first 30 Day Challenge ‘Cut out the White Stuff’.  If you stuck with it, or stuck with it for the most part, you are undoubtedly feeling fantastic!  Instead of overindulging after 30 days, let’s keep being mindful of the white stuff in our diet.  A little bit here and there won’t hurt- but stick to a diet of lean protein, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, and a little bit of whole grains.  The next 30 Day Challenge will start December 1st- it will be a Rock Your Workout Challenge!
It’s a common misconception that exercise has to take a long time.  As you know, if you have been following the 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge, you can get a kick ass workout (and kick ass results) in a short amount of time.  Focus on quality, not quantity when you workout.  I’d much rather see you bust a move and dig deep for 15 minutes than cruise on a treadmill for an hour. I have linked the exercises to You Tube Videos so you can view a quick tutorial of how to do each exercise. When I get my act together I will make my own… but I’m not sure when that will be 🙂
Get Buff Workout
Warm up:
5 min stationary biking or light cardio
10 body weight push-ups
10 squats
10 deadlifts- lighter weight
10 trunk rotations
1. Dead Lifts
10 reps (pick a weight you can lift for 10 reps, but not 13)
2. Chest Fly (use cables if you are at the gym. If you are at home use TRX, dumbbells or do push-ups instead)
10 reps (pick a weight you can lift for 10 reps, but not 13)
3. Lunge jumps
45 seconds: Maximum reps with proper form!
4. Body Rows
10 reps (max effort)
5. Mountain Climbers
45 seconds: Maximum reps with proper form!
Move from one exercise to the next with little rest.
Repeat circuit 3 x.
Remember to record your weight lifted and reps of lunge jumps and mountain climbers!
Warm down: Stretch.
I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I will when I can push myself again!

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