Grocery Store Tour

One of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the food we bring into our homes. Healthy weight loss begins by choosing nutritious foods and having the knowledge to understand what our body needs to fuel itself for the day. The more we learn about the foods at the grocery store, the better chance we have to be fit and battle against those overly processed products.
During the tour you will learn how to read food labels, add variety to your diet, avoid impulse buying and so much more! Healthy eating starts with what we put in the cart and what we buy affects how well we eat. Join us to learn more about how to stock your kitchen with healthy and tasty foods for your whole family to enjoy!
The Grocery Shopping Tours are approximately 1 hour and are lead by Sharon Fast, Registered Dietitian. Tours are complimentary for Ascend Fitness members, $20 for guests.  Space is limited so please email [email protected] to register!
Next Grocery Tour: September 2012 (date TBA).

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