Healthy Hormones + Weight Loss: FVY171

When we have a weight loss goal, we often do a simple math calculation. Since a pound of fat is about 3500 calories, we assume that in order to lose 1 pound of fat, we need to eat 3500 calories less then we burn. So, we take our estimated metabolic rate (the amount you burn just to stay alive), add on the calories burned through exercise and estimate how much we need to eat. Then we go on to say that if we eat X amount of calories a day, we’ll lose 2 pounds per week and get to our goal weight on November 17.
Has that ever worked for you?
Following that logic, you might have heard that an extra potato chip a day over 20 years can lead to a 50 lb weight gain or an extra can of pop a day can lead to a 20 lb weight gain in one year.
Following the same logic, simply burning an extra 100 calories would result in a 10 pound weight loss over the year.
The body is much more complicated than a simple math equation. And while calories matter, so do HORMONES.
Join me in this podcast to learn about the impact of HORMONES on your weight, and what to do to balance your hormones so that you can get to your happy, healthy weight.
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