High Intensity Cardio & Leg Burn Workout

This workout kicked my butt!  Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, progress or regress each exercise so that you work hard, but you feel good after you are done.  
This workout I just used a mat, dumbells and my simple interval timer.
Enjoy the workout, and if you’re ready to put some intention into your health, fitness and nutrition habits this fall, check out the 90 Day Metabolic Makeover.  We get started on September 20th!

Here’s the workout:
Warm Up

    1. Squat + Shoulder Press
    2. Funky Push-Up
    3. Rocking Lunge (Left leading)
    4. Rocking Lunge (Right leading)
    5. Forward squat jumps (2 & turn
    6. Pivot lunge + Jump
    7. Weighted Burpee
    8. 3 Squat Pulses + Jump (OUCH!!!)
    9. Side Plank + Reverse Fly (Right)
    10. Side Plank + Reverse Fly (Left)

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