I am honoured for the recognition.

Last night Ascend Fitness Inc. was named Business of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce Business of Excellence Awards Night.  I am absolutely honoured to accept the award on behalf of everyone who has made Ascend Fitness Inc. what it is- and while I’m a part of it, I have always been a part of an incredible team to make it possible.
I  want to  thank, and  congratulate everyone who was there on the journey.
First, my husband, Keith and my parents, Anita and August.  Keith believed in me, my parents gave me opportunities, and always were there to help.  Whether I needed extra help with child care, or some advice, my family were there for me.
I want to thank, and congratulate my business coach.  I’ve worked with a few different coaches over the past four years and learned so much from each coach.   My current coach is Kevin- thank you!.  My coaches, the coaching program, and my amazing network of other fitness entrepreneurs from around the world kept me accountable to my goals, supported me during the hard times, and gave the the tools and know-how to move forward.  Thank you NPE.
Thank you to the most FANTASTIC team at Ascend Fitness.  I have the privilege of working with a team of leaders, who strive to be the best they can, to learn, to grow, and to contribute.  Thank you Tanya – the amazingly organized woman behind the scenes who takes care of everything… and listens to me and encourages me during the tougher days, and for thinking about what needs to be done before I have!  Thank you Gordon – for your incredible memory, for always thinking and acting with the goal of exceptional client care, and for holding me accountable to the goals of the business.  Thank you Spencer for your dedication to our clients and to your own personal growth.  Thank you to Ciera for your vibrant personality and ability to coach our clients (and me) with a positive focus.  Thank you to Tara-Lynn for your commitment to our Tuesday and Thursday evening clients and for delivering kick-a$$ results 🙂  And Laura- we are so thankful you joined our team!  Thank you for your dedication to learn, to grow and to take on any task with enthusiasm.
And, thank YOU.  Without you, Ascend Fitness Inc. would not exist.  Thank you for inspiring us to grow and to improve.  Thank you for your commitment to your health and fitness.   You are the reason we can fulfill our mission.  Thank you for making the journey so much fun!

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