Hormones or Calories?

For decades, we’ve been told to eat less if we want to lose weight. So, we started tracking points or calories in an effort to consume less than we burn.

But in the past few years, more and more people are ditching the obsession with calories and moving to focusing on WHAT they eat and balancing hormones. After all, hormones are responsible for pretty much every process in the body: they control hunger, your salt balance, fertility, sex drive, and yes, your body’s ability to store or burn body fat.

So which is it… calories or hormones?
Is the age-old recommendation of ‘eat less, move more’ a thing of the past?


Press play on this episode of the Fit + Vibrant You podcast as I answer this question and give you clear steps to move forward to become a fitter, stronger, healthier version of yourself. As always, I promise a no-nonsense common-sense approach, some kindness, and a bit of tough love. ❤️

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