How my clients & I stay consistent in fitness…

You might read a million articles or opinions on how to make fitness habits a consistent reality for you. You might even succeed with some of them while failing miserably with others.
So, I’m sharing with you today how my clients & I stay consistent in fitness.
Are you ready?
The secret is…
We make the choice.
That’s it. No matter our moods, what month or day of the week it is, what special occasion is coming…we CHOOSE to stay dedicated to taking care of our health and our bodies.
Believe me, I wish there was a fancy answer, a magic pill. I’d be rich! But there isn’t.
Basic health and fitness is simply a choice. Once you understand and OWN that, it’s far easier to accept where you are and begin to facilitate change.
If you’re ready to make that choice, to CHOOSE health 365 days a year, please leave a comment and let me know.  We’ve got your back!
Yours in Health,

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