How to build confidence (90)

Many members of Ascend come to us because they have body transformation goals- and what they’re doing on their own or with another program isn’t working. And it’s frustrating!
One of the first questions I ask when meeting a new client is WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to improve your health? More often than not it has little to do with the actual weight loss. It’s all about the desire to feel good. To feel strong. To have energy. To feel confident.
In this podcast we talk about confidence: what it is, and how to get more of it. In the podcast I also mentioned my ‘before and after’ confidence picture. Here it is:
Same place. 8 years apart. Same husband (I love you Keith!). More confidence. In the past 8 years I did challenging things. And through that journey, I built confidence.
While I’m still and will always be a work in progress, I’m pretty confident I know a thing or two about confidence 🙂 Meet me over at the podcast! (click the play button above or download on iTunes).

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