How to get back to exercise after an extended break (88)

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This week’s podcast is in response to an email I received from a member of Ascend. She wrote: 

“Hi Tanja, As I’ve been absent at boot camp for over 4 weeks due to various reasons, I’m experiencing a ‘ getting back into exercise anxiety’. As I’ve also not kept up any other exercises during this time, I feel like it’s a huge mountain to climb, or a super heavy door to open. I’m afraid I will have regressed tremendously and taking the first step this week to return is just almost as hard as entering the doors for the first time? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks”
It’s September, and the beginning of a ‘new year’ is the perfect time to tackle the challenge of getting back on track after being MIA from your regular routine. Join me on this week’s podcast as I do just that!

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