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In his book Eat that Frog, author Brian Tracey suggests tackling the biggest, hardest challenge you face each day first thing – this is the FROG.
For you, it may be a work project, a difficult conversation, or something else you’re potentially less than excited about.
If that challenge for you is getting your workout in, consider doing it first thing in the morning. And if you’re not a morning person, I get it. However, if morning is the only time you are guaranteed to get it done (with a little willpower when you hear your alarm clock), it’s something you should strongly consider.
Some of Tracey’s other recommendations are to spend a few minutes pre-planning each week and each day for maximum productivity. What we don’t realize is that a little bit of planning can literally save us hours and hours every week and help us get it all done when getting it all done feels nearly impossible.
So, how can you better plan each day and each week?
Do you need to consider your workouts as the FROG you eat each morning so that it’s out of the way?
Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!
To Your Success,
Tanja X

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