How to Take Measurements

Let’s face it… most of us don’t enjoy getting measured and weighed.  When starting an exercise program, however, regular measurements are important.  Measurements give you a starting point- and show progress as you continue through your program.  Progress is motivating!  If you are not seeing changes in measurements, you can reassess your program and make further changes.
The simplest way to measure body composition is weight, circumference measurements and photos.
Weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Wear the same amount of clothing each time you weigh yourself. Use the same scale each time. Expect your weight to fluctuate since the scale will measure changes in water, muscle, waste products and body fat.
Measure around the largest part of your chest (usually the nipple level).
Measure around your around your waist at belly button level. This may not be the smallest part of your waist.
With your meet together, measure around the largest part of your hips and buttocks. The hip measurement is geared toward women.
Wear thin clothing, or measure yourself without clothes. When measuring, pull the measuring tape just enough so that it is does not sag. Ensure that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground. A partner can help you take more accurate measurements.
Wearing as little clothes as you feel comfortable in (ideally men with shirt off and women wearing a sports bra), take a photo from the front, and side view. Try to stand naturally- do not suck in!

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