How to Get Started with Exercise When You Have Injuries or Aches and Pains

If you’re over 40, then it’s likely that you have some sort of injury, limitation, or soreness. 

However, aches and pains are not a sign that you should just take it easy; they’re a sign that you should start doing the RIGHT exercise for your body so that you can improve your function and reduce your aches and pains!

Here are 4 steps for getting started with exercise when you have limitations or pain:

  1. Get an assessment to determine the cause of your injuries or pain so that you know what to do to improve. At Ascend, we start our members with a health history, comprehensive movement, and postural assessment to determine which muscles are weak, which are tight, and which movement patterns need to be strengthened. We also work in tandem with our client’s health care team to create the optimal plan for our members.


  1. Correct Imbalances: Resist the urge to rush ahead to heavy strength exercises as adding a heavy load to muscle imbalances will just lead to more injury. Instead, start with exercises to activate and strengthen your weaker muscles and address overactive or tight muscles. For example, if you have low back pain you might need to strengthen your glute muscles and stretch the hip flexors. 


  1. Train Functional Movement Patterns: As you correct imbalances, you can start to incorporate basic movement patterns. These movement patterns include proper breathing, core activation, and simple exercises such as squats. Ease into these exercises and perform them with proper form.


  1. Progress within Limitations: As you address the cause of your aches and pains, you’ll be able to progress slowly. As pain or limitations subside, keep doing a maintenance level of your corrective exercises (from step 2). So many people stop doing these exercises when they feel better, only to learn they feel better because they were doing these exercises!


At Ascend we help our members of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals! 

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We would love to help you get moving and help you achieve your fitness goals! 

All my best,

Tanja Shaw
Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle

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