Is Your Fear of Judgement Keeping You Stuck? (FVY 182)

We do a lot to avoid the possibility of being negatively judged by others. We don’t speak up. We don’t try hard. We don’t tell others what we really want. We hold back our true selves.

And it keeps us stuck.

We might not fully pursue weight loss, or overcoming our eating challenges for fear of what our friends might think. Or if we’ll be criticized when we order the salad at dinner. We don’t share our feelings, and instead hold them inside, and and try to eat them away when they get too much to handle (as in actually eat them away… by eating the oreos or handful of cereal or fix of your choice).

Tune into this week’s podcast to explore where judgement might be keeping you from living the life you deserve, and more importantly, how to overcome this self-defeating fear.
Links mentioned in the show:

?”You Need to Calm Down” By Taylor Swift
?Atomic Habits by James Clear (affiliate link… Amazon gives me a few cents for each purchase 😉
?How to Love Your Body


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