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A few weeks ago one of my regular clients was having a bit of a break down.  “Why is losing weight so hard?”, she asked.  She felt it was unfair that she couldn’t go out to eat and order anything she wanted.  She felt it was unfair that she had to squeeze in her daily workout into her busy, and stressful day.
Thinking things are unfair, or that you ‘have to do something’ is a defeating mindset and ultimately a waste of energy- a precious resource for most people.  It leaves the impression that you are a victim of your surroundings.   And, it’s simply not true.  You don’t have to do anything.
In reality every action you take, every decision you make is a choice.   The knowing that you choose your course of action puts the power back in your hands.   In extreme circumstances, the alternative choice can be so negative that making the right choice doesn’t require much thought.  For example, making the decision to get out of a freezing cold lake after you fell in.
When it comes to weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle, remembering that you have the power to choose can be very liberating.
For example, if you’re out at a dinner party and someone offers you a chocolate cheesecake, you can either think ‘I can’t eat that’ or ‘I choose not to eat that’.  In the latter thought, you’re acknowledging that you have power over your decision.
Another example is your thought process in relation to exercise.  You can say ‘I have to workout this morning’ or ‘I choose to workout today’.
Acknowledging that you have a choice is a simple and very powerful tool in your weight loss success.  There are a few necessary steps to make it easier to make the better choice.   First, pick a program that is proven to be successful.  Do your research, and learn what you need to do in order to be successful.  There’s no point making choices that will not yield results.  Next, make changes in your environment to help you make the better choice.  This could include throwing out the junk food in your house, stocking your fridge full of fresh fruit and veggies, or rearranging your work schedule so you have a longer lunch break (long enough for a brisk walk!).  Finally, enlist a coach or support network to keep you accountable to your action plan.
No matter where you are today, YOU have the power to change where you are tomorrow by the decisions you make… So make good ones!
Tanja Shaw is the owner of Ascend Fitness Coaching, a private training studio.  Tanja and her team of expert fitness professionals works to inspire and educate Chilliwack residents to make positive and power changes in their lives through physical fitness and sound nutrition.  For more fitness tips go to

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