Joseph Ryan

Hello, my name is Joseph Ryan and I am currently attending the Royal Military College of Canada. Before coming, I realized that I needed to become stronger to reach Canadian Forces standards. I had already done a fair amount of running in the past, and so my legs and cardio were quite strong, but my arms and chest were lacking. At Ascend Fitness, I found a welcoming community of people striving to reach different goals, but all working in the same direction; to a better them.  These people and I were cheered on and encouraged by a very accommodating staff who were always willing to help you reach whatever you wished to attain. Ascend Fitness was also available to anyone with just about any schedule, having sessions from early morning, all the way into the evening. Attending four times a week, I was able to become a much stronger, healthier person and passed my first physical training test with flying colours.  I highly recommend Ascend Fitness for its ability to help me along on the next great step in my life.

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