July's Fitness Challenge is on July 21st!

We’re hoping for the snow to be melted, and for enough people with suitable vehicles to take us to the trail head of Mt. Cheam.  If so, Ascend Fitness will take on Mt. Cheam on July 21st.  We’ll meet at the parking lot at Twin Rinks/ Watson Glen park at 7:45am and leave by 8am- so PLEASE BE ON TIME! 
If we don’t have enough rides, we’ll head to Elk instead.  We will likely not know if we’ll have enough rides until the morning- so if you have a suitable vehicle, we greatly appreciate you driving!  Either way, we’re guaranteed a great workout, and will have a GREAT time!
Click here for more information about the Mt. Cheam Hike. 
Click here for some great advice on what to wear and what to bring on a hike.  Remember that even though it’s summer, the weather can change quickly so bring layers.

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