Just another kick-ass workout on vacation….

Another weekend away!  I spent the weekend in Parksville with my family- exploring Cathedral Grove, playing at the play park, swimming in the pool, playing dominoes, going out for coffee, picking up rocks, and the list goes on.
Each day I gave myself 45 minutes to workout.  Working out on vacation means i have more energy during the day, I’m happier, I make healthier meal choices, and it’s easier to get back to routine when I’m home.  With 45 minutes, I decided to make the best of it….

Tanja’s Kick-Ass Workout
10 minute warm up- I did intervals on the treadmill in the hotel gym but if you don’t have a treadmill, do 1 min light jogging on the spot, 1 minute faster jogging, 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 min squats and repeat (8 min total).
Workout:  50 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest x 3
Set 1:
1. 10 high knees/ 10 mountain climbers repeating
2. Squat jumps- focus on depth, not necessarily speed
3. Push-ups
Set 2:
1. 2 Pulse Lunge Jumps (2 pulses on one leg then jump and switch legs)
2. Plank with up and down movement (Focus on form then SPEED!)
3. Triceps Dips
Set 3:
1. Touch opposite toe and JUMP!
2. Plank- knee to elbow + hip extension
3. Dead Bug
Warm down & Stretch
Keep moving forward,

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