Karen Warwick

I first joined Ascend Fitness because I was getting up in years and felt it was important to get into much better shape than I was, lose some weight and add strength training into my life but I had no idea really where to start. I have never been an athletic person nor a “gym” type person so was very nervous of what I was getting myself into.
I am definitely a stronger person and have done some hiking,kayaking and biking which just never happened prior to joining. My weight will always be a work in progress !!!
Most important to me is all the different learning opportunities that Ascend provides in every aspect of healthy living… I have learned to be a much more happy healthy person.
If you are sitting on the fence about joining…just do it. You will get amazing support from all the instructors and all the other members. You are never made to feel like you don’t belong no matter how “nonathletic” you are.

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