Kayla Van Egdom is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist. She joined the Ascend team in 2015. 

Kayla aspires to bring empathy and depth into her coaching at Ascend Fitness. She spent the first twenty years of her life feeling uncomfortable in her skin, lacking energy, confidence, and the feeling of health. She discovered distance running and strength training as well as how amazing it feels to fuel your body with nutritious foods, and lost a significant number of pounds. Along the way, she also discovered what it feels like to be proud of your body and confident in its capabilities.                  

Kayla’s specializes in helping people with mindset-related challenges, including fear of failure, self-sabotage, and emotional eating. She has  is trained as a Mind Body Eating Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and has run numerous mind/body workshops including how to overcome emotional eating and how to manage your energy. She works with her clients to strengthen their mindset and  build emotional resiliency so that they can ditch the on-again-off-again diet cycle and create a lasting lifestyle change. 

Kayla loves working at Ascend Fitness because the coaching programs work with the entire person, not just bits and pieces of their health and fitness. People are as unique as their fingerprints, and Ascend provides people customized programming and nutrition assistance that will help them in their specific life situations.

Rapid fire questions:

  1. What is your all-time go to healthy meal? Chilli, made with tons of vegetables.
  2. People would be surprised if they knew…I’m pretty in love with unicorns, dinosaurs, and sharks, and own pieces of clothing with all three of these creatures on them.
  3. What do you love to do when you’re not working? If I’m not working out or working at Ascend, I often have my nose in a book or am writing on of my own (Kayla has published three books in a dark, dystopian series so far)
  4. Which Mr. Men/Little Miss character best describes your work personality?  I was once asked by a client if I ever stop smiling- I choose Little Miss Sunshine. 
  5. What three words would you use to describe the culture at Ascend? Inclusive, personalized, and empowering.
  6. How to you create a work-life balance? I prioritize weekly date nights, and regular visits with friends and family. 
  7. Favourite quote or inspiration: I’m a huge fan of Disney movies and am inspired by characters like Hercules and Mulan