Quick Tips to Keep Cool While Exercising

With record-breaking heat almost everywhere this summer it can be challenging to get your exercise in. Here are some quick tips to help you stay cool while exercising.


1. Get Acclimated – Take it easy to adapt to the heat. Could be a single workout or even up to a month. Your body will tell you when you’re ready to push harder.

2. Drink Water – Water is used to replenish what is lost in sweat. Plus it helps regulate body temperature. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.

3. Clothing Matters – Wear something lightweight and loose-fitting. Avoid dark shades which absorb heat.

4. Watch The Temperature – Pay attention to what health authorities are forecasting and the warning signs.

5. Know your fitness level – If you’re new to fitness you may find that you might have a lower tolerance to heat. Drink LOTS of water and take frequent breaks.

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