Keep Fit on Vacation

Vacations are a wonderful time to unwind, see new sights, spend quality time with friends and family, create lasting memories and take a much needed break from regular routine.  What’s not so wonderful, however, are the excess pounds that so easily creep on during time away.   Here are some tips to keep fit while enjoying your vacation.

  1. Face exercise with a positive attitude.  Eating healthy foods and exercising feels good.  On vacation, think about your workout as a small investment to feel great for the rest of the day.
  2. Lower your fitness expectations.  If you have weight loss goals, aim to maintain your weight while away.  If you normally workout daily, don’t stress about a few extra days of rest.  When I go away, I give myself ‘double points’ for a workout.  For example, if I usually go for an hour-long workout, I give myself the same credit for a 30-minute sweat session.
  3. Plan ahead.  Keeping fit on your vacation starts when you are still at home.  Pack your runners or walking shoes, and some workout clothes.  If you like listening to music, pack your music player and earphones.  Plan what type of workout you’ll be doing on vacation.  For example, you can research if there are gyms near where you’ll be staying, or a good place to go for a run.
  4. Workout in the morning.  From personal experience, choosing to exercise first thing in the morning greatly increases the chances you’ll get the workout done.   Getting your workout done in the morning frees up the rest of the day for relaxing on the beach or family outings.
  5. For the most part, stick to your regular eating habits.  There seems to be endless opportunities to eat while on vacation- starting with the complimentary pop, chips and cookies offered on your flight.  If you don’t regularly drink soda at 7am in the morning, don’t drink one on your early morning flight just because  it’s there.  Be mindful of the foods you eat, and the portions you consume- calories add up quickly!  When you choose to indulge in food, choose wisely and thoroughly enjoy your meal!
  6. 4. Plan your meals.  If you’re staying with relatives, offer to go grocery shopping so you can pick up a few healthy snacks, or help with meal planning.  If you’re eating at restaurants, search for menus online before going out, or ask to see the menu before deciding to eat at a certain restaurant.
  7. Treat yourself- without food.  Enjoy reading a good book, swimming in the pool, having an afternoon nap or going on an active outing such as snorkeling.  Not every treat and indulgence has to be consumable!
  8. Just move!  Try to be as active as you can during your day- even it you don’t commit to a planned exercise session.  Go for a walk, swim in the pool, start a game or badminton in the backyard, or explore the city on bike.

By planning ahead, moving your body and keeping mindful of your eating habits, you’ll enjoy keeping fit on your vacation.   When you return home only thing that will gain weight will be your luggage.
Tanja Shaw is a Kinesiologist and Fitness Coach, specializing in weight loss, group fitness, pre and postnatal fitness, and health and wellness programs.  She owns Ascend Fitness Coaching, home to Ascend Fitness Boot Camp, Stroller Boot Camp, and personal training programs.  For more fitness tips go to

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