Kim Jackson

In 2004, I decided to train for the Sun Run, which I accomplished!  At that time, I was in the best shape than I’d ever been in before.  In July 2005, I was in a rear-ended car accident and from that point on my life changed. A year after my car accident I developed tendinitis in both of my elbows.  After many years of physiotherapy, cortisone and Botox injections, many drug treatments, and three surgeries I thought I would never get fit again.  I had been told by my doctors to give up the running, so I was only able to power walk my dog.

I actually first met Tanja a couple of years ago to see if I would be able to strengthen my body despite my injuries.  Tanja stated that she could help me.  Unfortunately, my fear of worsening my injuries overrode my desire to get fit, so I didn’t pursue it at the time.
Earlier this year I made a lot of changes in my life.  I purchased the Chilliwack Franchise of Driving Miss Daisy, which gave me a renewed confidence in myself.  Every once in a while I would think to myself that I should try some other form of exercise, other than my daily walking.  I had gone on the Ascend Fitness website to see what was offered, and it put a little bug in my ear to “give it a try”.
When I saw the ad for the Get Fit Challenge, I decided to enroll and see if I could do it.  The team from Ascend Fitness were awesome! They encouraged me every step of the way.  I had two personal sessions with Gordon, just to make sure I wouldn’t hurt myself, and that gave me courage to move forward.  To my amazement, when the Get Fit Challenge was over, I had actually lost 12 pounds, 5 inches and was voted the Top All-Round Athlete.  I could not believe that I had accomplished so much in only six weeks!  The little voice inside of me said to keep going and don’t stop!
Towards the end of the Get Fit Challenge, I thought to myself that I should give the Bootcamp Challenge a try, even though I was very worried that I couldn’t do it.  The other voice inside of me said “you can’t do Bootcamp; are you crazy!”  Tanja encouraged me to give it a try.  So, despite my fears, I signed up.  Bootcamp has been very hard, but I have not stopped trying.  I may be the last person finished, but at least I give it my best shot. The instructors push me a little bit more each time, which is good, even though I don’t think so at the time!  I can see progress in my ability to do the exercises.  All of the other members encourage me as well, which is great!  Once I started seeing results, I had a renewed confidence in myself.  I had this energy after each class that I have never had before. I definitely need to win the lottery so that I can buy some new clothes!
Next week is the end of the Bootcamp Challenge.  I have seen definite results in both my body and my self image.  Most of my clothes are too big now.  My body has gotten much stronger, although I still have a long way to go, but that is not going to stop me anymore.  I fully intend to continue with Bootcamp in order to strengthen my body further.
In closing, this is what I wrote a week or so ago on Facebook:
“After my 5:30 am Bootcamp this morning I had my “Ah Ha Moment”!
This morning after class, Tanja said that the hardest part of exercising is to get up and do it. She then said that once you are done, you will NEVER regret it! She is absolutely right. I felt sooooooo good!  I was actually excited about going home and taking Meelah out for her morning power walk.
I never dreamed that I could ever do this, especially with what I’ve been through physically as well as emotionally over the last seven years — my MVA, physio, cortisone injections, Botox injections, numerous drugs treatments, three surgeries on my elbows, and having to give up my job as a medical transcriptionist!
I have found out that I CAN still exercise and strengthen my body and mind. I now have an awesome new business, Driving Miss Daisy, which I love. I am getting fit, losing pounds and inches, and I no longer tell myself “you can’t do that”.
Who knows what else I can do………….”
If there is someone else out there who is sitting on the fence like I was?  Give it a try.  You might surprise yourself like I did.

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