Leanna Kemp

I joined Ascend fitness in October of 2012.  I had seen an ad, and heard through a friend, that boot camp was great and it really worked.  I have always been really good at getting excited about something, doing it really well for a short time and then something happens and I quit.  I was at a point in my life where I really wanted to make changes and with being a fairly new mom of 2, I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old, with Ascend offering stroller boot camp, and me being on maternity leave, I finally had the time and no excuses.  I talked to my husband and he was very doubtful as I had tried numerous things before from fad diets, to expensive ones, to gym memberships and even personal training and I stuck with none of it; I worked hard at convincing him and made promises that this time I would do it, “I really want to be healthy for the kids” I said.  I want to be able to run and bike and keep up with them as they get busier and more active; I don’t want to have to watch from the sidelines.  So he agreed and I signed up for unlimited boot camp classes for 4 months; and 7 months later I am still here!  I attend minimally 3 classes a week of all types, some baby boot camps and some not.  I absolutely love coming to each and every class, I never drag my feet to get up and go.  People ask me what it is about boot camp that I love and it is very hard to put into words; but for me it’s a few things; it is something different and challenging every time.  Even when you don’t think you can do something, there is always someone there, whether it‘s a fellow boot camper or an instructor, to tell you “yes you can”!  Everyone is so encouraging and positive.  It is just fun to be there and the constant motivation by everyone around you makes you give it 110% every time.
Since starting boot camp and clean eating, I have lost 35 pounds and 11 inches overall.  I am smaller than I have been in years.  I have had to buy new clothes, I can wear skinny jeans and not hate the way I look, and I don’t try to hide behind baggy clothes.  Clothes are just one of the benefits I have gained.
Before boot camp and babies I was an avid softball player, but over the last few years I began to struggle to play as competitively as I once did, I was hurt all the time; I struggled with back problems and neck issues.  I saw a chiropractor 2-3 times a week, massage therapist minimally twice a month and I started to get depressed as my favorite hobby was less and less enjoyable.  Since joining Ascend, I am stronger, faster, and healthier and my frequent visits to these practioner’s have subsided to an as needed basis.
I feel amazing and I think about what I am eating.  I have learned so much about nutrition, fitness and pushed myself to new limits.  My husband is proud to say I proved him wrong and now is helping me continue on my journey.  I can’t say enough good things about Ascend.  I will and have recommended this to everyone I know and would continue to those I don’t.  It really works and it’s fun!  Truly fun and I am so thankful for all the coaches and fellow boot campers for helping me and being a part of my success!

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