Let It Snow! (A Workout)

Hey Ascend Fitness Athletes!
IT’S SNOWING!!!  The snow brings endless opportunities for exercise- shoveling snow (on my list for today), snow shoeing (my plan once it gets light out!), pulling little ones in a sled (yep- I’ll be doing this too), and climbing up hills once you toboggan down (check!).
The snow also means an unfortunate cancellation of Boot Camp.  Instead of meeting together, I have put together a workout you can do on your own:

The workout is 9 exercises long, 10 reps of each exercise.  In any exercise where you do one side at a time, left + right = 1 rep.  Time how long it takes you do go through one set.  Take a break, and repeat 4 times.
High knees
Triceps Push-ups
Squat Press
Squat jumps
Knee to opposite elbow
Paddle the boat
Plank to row
V-Sit Biceps Curls
Plank Reaches
Final challenge: Hold the plank as long as you can!

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