Life happens when you’re out of routine

Did ‘life happen?’

“I was doing well, and then life happened”
“I’ll get back on track when things settle down”

If you need to choose between ‘life happening’ and ‘living a healthy lifestyle’… it’s not a lifestyle!

This way of thinking poses one big problem. 

Much of your life is not ‘routine’. If you add up vacations, holidays, hosting visitors, job stress, being sick or caring for a sick family member,  and pretty much any other life event, you’ll quickly realize how much of your life is off from a regular routine. And if you fight for the excuse of I’m on holidays, it’s summer, it’s Thanksgiving, the in-laws are visiting, etc. you’ll find that you only have a few months a year to make progress.

Here are a few insider tips on how to stay committed and consistent, no matter what:

1. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. I teach my clients a simple morning routine that reminds them of their goals each day. It takes about 30 seconds, and it works. When was the last time you read your goals? Or have you even set goals? If you wonder why you lose focus when ‘life happens’ this is a good place to start.

  1. Create a flexible plan each day. Planning your day is a practice that is hugely beneficial whether you’re in a routine or not. Each morning, start by asking yourself some version of the question “What do I need to do/ how do I need to show up today so that I go to bed feeling confident, proud, and happy or so that I can make progress toward my goal of _____”.

Here are a few goal ideas:
-eat half your restaurant meal
-drink water
-aim to be active for 30 minutes over the day

3. Let go of the ‘all or nothing mindset’. All or nothing is a synonym for inconsistent. It’s not a trait or identity; it’s a convenient excuse. Choose an all or something mindset. Ask yourself ‘what CAN I do?’ 

I’d love to hear from you, what do you do to stay healthy while life is out of routine?

Tanja x

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