Lisa Parr

I joined Ascend Fitness in June 2014 to initially manage work & lifestyle stress as well as improving my overall running endurance.
I have been running for approx. 4 yrs. I started with a couch to 5k program as a goal from a friend.
I had completed various 5k’s and 10 k’s. I signed up to complete my first ½ marathon last June in Banff.
While I was training for Banff I was diagnosed with early stages of shingles. I had to cease my training and cancel my registration in the ½ marathon. This was very disheartening for me. My family Dr. and I attributed it to stress. So I started looking for ways besides just my running to get healthy, connect with people and learn to eat better.
I heard about Ascend from various people and I researched it online. I read some of the success stories and checked out the website. I was curious and a bit skeptical at first.
I sent an email to inquire more and had my first consult with Gord. I decided to try it for 3 months. I met with Tanja shortly after and set some goals.
The 3 goals I set were:
1: to lose 20lbs
2: to do a 10k in less than 1:10
3: to do a 5K in less than 30 mins.
I still had my ambition to complete a ½ marathon as well. I signed up initially with small group training and have since moved to personal training (but miss the posse.)
These were all fitness goals. I have achieved all of these goals in the last year. I ran my first ½ marathon in September 2014 and I have ran 4 more since. I have been challenged and motivated to set some new goals. Rock n roll Vancouver, Tough Mudder & a 30K road race are some lofty goals for the future.
Something I have learned that I cannot measure is the valuable relationships I have gained. Support, enthusiasm, confidence, laughter & wonderful friendships are the qualities that I see every time I go to Ascend. We can all have goals, but we need the support of great people to achieve them, a team that is working with you.
Ascend Fitness has given me more confidence than I ever had, new challenges, success & motivation to get up at 6am! Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is not just about work, it is fun too.
I am grateful to everyone in my personal life & professional life who have supported me. My family who have stood by, thinking I was losing it by going to the gym at 6am. They have been my traveling buddies, official photographers AND BEST FANS.
My friends who I have raced with and encouraged me to start in the beginning. The tues/thurs small group girls. Thank you for your friendship.
To everyone else at Ascend fitness you are amazing. You have given support, feedback, coaching and so much more. You have exceeded my expectations.
Thank you to Spencer for always giving me a new challenge with no limitations on where I can go. You are a professional, motivational and a supportive trainer.
I always said I never had time…too busy…I can’t do it.
What do you really want from life? Make time, I work shifts/ weekends and nights. I had to make the time. I do not have a day of regret for making the time. Look after YOURSELF no one else can.
Take the step…You will not be disappointed.
Lisa Parr

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