Makenzie Gueulette

When I joined Ascend my goals were to lose weight, and tone.
Since joining I have definitely toned, and for sure gotten stronger. I haven’t lost anywhere near as much weight or really even inches as I would like- but hope to keep plugging away. I am more energetic and excited to join things such as the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Sprint. I am happier when I work out and I’m feeling better about my body.  I find that I need the endorphins of working out so I’m not miserable!
I would tell those who are undecided about joining Ascend Fitness to do it for sure. It is so much easier to work out with a group of people, and the coaches and members at ascend will cheer you on. The coaches are great: energetic, encouraging, empowering, and motivating. They are very good at giving options for all fitness levels and making sure everyone gets a great workout. The only discipline you need is to come. And it is worth it.
I think that Ascend is run very well. It is extremely organized- easy to find out information when needed, updates are always made so info is always current. And I really appreciate the flexibility so that I am able to get in as many workouts as possible.

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