Slow + Steady for Sustainable Success

Meet Michelle…

Michelle is a fantastic example of someone who has stayed the course and seen the benefits of long term consistency. She has been a member of Ascend for over three years, and she shows up for workouts on a regular basis, also ensuring she gets a full-length warm-up every time. She’s also taken advantage of our nutritional programs and is always making sustainable changes to her lifestyle. In doing so, she’s experienced a gradual, sustainable shift in her body over the course of 2019.

Michelle is also inspiring because in spite of chronic pain and a shoulder injury, she continues to look for what she CAN do. She has continued her workouts without fail in spite of these barriers, and she also participates in our metabolic and yoga classes, modifying where necessary. We’re so inspired by Michelle’s successes and look forward to seeing her continue on her journey.

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