Exercising will make me even more sore … RIGHT?… WRONG!

I have arthritis…
I’ve had my hip done…
I have an old wrist injury that still bothers me…
My knees hurt all the time…
I have sciatic pain…
My lower back is so stiff…

Joint pain is part of my everyday life so exercising will make me even more sore … RIGHT?


While the thought of starting a new exercise program might seem overwhelming, LACK of exercise actually can make your joints even more painful and stiff.

Keeping your muscles and surrounding tissues and ligaments strong is crucial to maintaining support for your bones.

When you avoid exercise your muscles weaken creating more stress on your joints.

Proper strength training is crucial to building and maintaining your strength, balance, agility, and range of motion for years to come.


Jumping into a one size fits all program when you have joint issues can leave you hurting more than before


There are too many exercise programs out there promoting the line “no pain, no gain”! (This is a HUGE myth in the fitness industry and a sign that your trainer doesn’t have the knowledge to be working with members with health or joint issues).

Plus, trusting videos on the internet from some guru who has never really worked with clients hands on…that’s a chance you might not want to take…

Here at Ascend Fitness our team of Kinesiologists and Medical Exercise trained Personal Trainers are dedicated to helping you be able to successfully start and maintain a strength training program that allows you to live at your best without feeling held back by your body!

You can expect:
Exercise programs specifically designed around YOUR body and any limitations you have
Starting at YOUR fitness level and low-impact exercises that don’t put unnecessary stress on your joints
Educated coaches with kinesiology backgrounds to help you through safely performing every exercise

Our Fit for Life Program will help you take that first step and experience the benefits that personalized training can have.

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