A Gift to Herself

Joyce has been a joy to train since starting at Ascend last June. She’s fully committed to the process – with her actions, her attitude, and her effort.

Turning 79 this month, she came to Ascend and told us that she’s always HATED exercise. In spite of this, she kept an open mind, chose the perspective that she’s making these changes as a gift to herself, and actually found herself enjoying her sessions.

In addition to fully showing up for her workouts, she also invested fully in our Whole You Transformation Program. She did all the homework without fail, and the results she achieved were astounding. She’s experienced a 360, mind-body transformation. When she looks back on where she was a year ago, she’s in awe of how far she’s come.

She also inspires all those who are lucky enough to train her or train alongside her. We’re looking forward to seeing her continue on her journey at Ascend Fitness.

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