Megan Tait

The number one thing I notice and appreciate about Ascend Fitness is the consistent positivity. No matter the day, time, weather, or number of people in the class the positive, motivation emails come and the coaches are positive, fun, and friendly. I have never heard any one complain or feel discouraged which is amazing!
Seeking help for motivation from other women with children was my reason for first joining Ascend. I tried to make a plan several times to get back in shape and kept struggling with excuses. I had heard about the bootcamps and loved the idea of have my kids with me. My older (now 5), appreciates exercise and now knows where I go and what I do “at the gym”. My youngest (9 months) was with me in a capacity where I could attend to him when needed. It actually helped me get him on a routine based around my fitness instead of making him an excuse.  The programs are challenging, adaptable, offer a variety from class to class, and leave me with easy ideas of things I can do on my own at home.
I have lost almost 30 pounds, several clothes sizes, more importantly, I feel stronger mentally and physically. I have a more positive attitude towards going to a class. I look forward to it and feel great afterwards.  I feel more motivated to live an active lifestyle (walk to the store, take the stairs, get more sleep). The biggest change is being much more aware of what I eat and drink. I was never a picky eater and fairly healthy BUT ate way beyond what I needed. I have learned to listen to my body when it comes to portion control.
If someone was sitting on the fence about joining Ascend Fitness I would say if you are thinking about it you have already gone so far, you need to just do it!! I have found you to offer flexible classes, available to answer any questions, and help each individual pursue their goals.

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