Mindfulness For Health and Wellness

Want to feel calmer, peaceful and more focussed?
Then register now for the Mindfulness for Health & Wellness free adult skills group.
The Mindfulness for Health & Wellness group is a psycho-educational program designed to help group members reduce stress and anxiety while increasing feelings of relaxation and wellbeing.
When: Tuesdays, January 13th to February 24th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: In the MANA building, 2nd Floor Boardroom, 34334 Forrest Terrace, Abbotsford.
Who: Adults (18 years and older), who are interested in learning mindfulness mediation for improved healthy, quality of life, stress management, chronic pain, or anxiety.
To register or for more information please call 888-390-0268 or email [email protected]

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