Missed the 6 Steps to Flat Abs Seminar?

We are sorry you missed the ‘6 Steps to Flat Abs’ Seminar on November 8th.  Although it’s difficult to recap the entire presentation here, I will review the six steps to getting that body you always wanted.

Remember to mark Thursday December 1st on your calendar for tips to stay fit during the holiday!

1. Attitude
-Have a goal
-Have a compelling why
-Have a plan
-Get excited!
2. Clean up your diet
Eat 5-6 meals per day- starting within an hour of waking up.
Eat protein and fibre at each meal
Drink 2 1/2 -3 litres of water each day
Eat 2-5 servings of healthy fats each day
Eat plenty of fresh produce each day
Eat food as close to it’s natural state as possible
Stick to proper portion sizes
The white stuff- white flour, white pasta, white bread
Over-processed foods containing preservatives-
Unnatural sugar (doughnuts, candy, desserts)
Saturated and trans fats
Caloric beverages, such as juice, pop and alcohol Homemade smoothies are an exception!
3. HIIT interval training
-High Intensity Interval Training
-Periods of high intensity effort followed by recovery
-Boost your metabolic rate
-Burns more calories
-Keeps your workout interesting
-Cut down the time spent training
4. Full body strength workouts
-Full body program
-Get out of routine (strength routines ‘expire’ in 4-8 weeks)
-Train the core- just like all other muscle groups
-Quality over quantity
5. Focus on good posture
-Stand tall
-Shoulders back
-Chin tucked
-Abs drawn in
-Slight pelvic tilt (usually)
6. R & R
-Cortisol linked to increased belly fat
Get your zzzs
-Lack of sleep linked to increased cortisol
-Interferes with glucose tolerance
-Decreases appetite-suppression
-Late night munchies?

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