Monique Goerzen

I joined Ascend Fitness in May.  Although I originally joined for the Skinny Jeans Challenge, I quickly realized that I needed and desired a higher level of commitment than a three-week program.  Although not always appreciated in the moment, I value the tough love, no nonsense approach that I have received at Ascend.  There is an honesty that I appreciate.  I have been pushed to give 100% commitment to the process of both healthy eating and exercise and I am challenged when I attempt to rationalize those unhealthy habits that are hard to break.
Since joining Ascend, I have gained confidence that has provided opportunities to explore new forms of recreation that I would not have attempted prior to joining Ascend.  I have developed a love for stand up paddle boarding this summer.  I am swimming at least three times per week and choose to ride my bike around town whenever possible.
Small groups have been a great fit.  The workouts are challenging and can be geared to all levels of fitness.  I know that I work much harder in small group than I would on my own.  There is joy and laughter in what might otherwise be a routine or boring workout. Since starting Ascend, I have lost a significant amount of weight, but more important, I am becoming stronger and healthier.  I am more active with my own kids and simply able to experience the joys of living a more active lifestyle.  Thanks Ascend.

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