No time for fitness? Read this.

Here at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, we’ve most often seen TIME cited as the biggest challenge for people around sticking to a fitness and nutrition program.
But you see, time as the obstacle is simply a myth.
I get that you are busy. And while we’re both familiar with the ‘everyone has the same 24 hours in a day’ response, your 24 hours might actually look different than someone else’s. And some people have long commutes, etc. I get it… seriously I do!
But why is it that some people – even those with packed schedules – are able to make time for health and fitness and others are not?
Simply put, it’s an issue of priority. And I’m not just saying that some people ‘make time’, but they see as time spent on health and fitness as an INVESTMENT.

And there’s a great return on that investment. More energy, clarity, focus, productivity. More happiness.
Not only that, they’ve realized that it really doesn’t take that much time. 
It takes no more time to consume a healthy meal than an unhealthy one. And it takes simple rearrangement, scheduling, and commitment to make fitness happen.
You can pick up healthy fast food as quickly as unhealthy fast food.
And MAKE working out for 30 minutes a few times a week a priority.
When it comes to exercise, instead of saying “I don’t have time,” we should rather say “it’s not a priority for me right now.” Because that’s the more accurate and hard truth.
Take an honest look at yourself. Are you currently prioritizing fitness and nutrition or are you falling victim to the time excuse?
We’ve helped so many clients overcome this!  When you have booked appointments with a coach, when you see results, and when you have a PLAN, making time is a heck of a lot easier.
Are you falling victim to time? Leave a comment, and let me know so that I can give you some support!
To Your Success,
Tanja X

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