Noodle Box on a 'No White Stuff' Challenge?

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes!
It’s Day 3 of the ‘No White Stuff’ 30 Day Challenge.  Today I had two obstacles to overcome.  The first was a rushed pack to make a ferry to Vancouver Island to meet my husband (making me think twice about fitting in my 30 minute workout).  The second was going out for dinner at the Noodle Box.
Thankfully, many restaurants offer healthier alternatives to their regular fare.  The Noodle Box offers a brown rice or extra vegetable option (for an extra $2), or a carb-free box for an extra $3.  I am more than willing to spend an extra toonie for my health.   With a little effort, you can stick to a healthy eating plan even when eating out.  Even at the Noodle Box.
And, of course, I squeezed in my 30 minute of fitness.  Today’s workout was inspired by the AMAZING effort put out by my morning Boot Campers.  My Stroller Boot Campers had a similar workout- with the added challenge of pushing a stroller.  Talk about getting fit after babies!
Warm up:
A measly 3 minutes of BOSU step ups.  I was rushed.
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 seconds squat jumps forward (with a floor touch each time)
10 rounds- no rest in between. Count the squat jumps or measure the distance you travel each time.
10 minutes continuous- as many rounds as you can:
10 dead lifts (with barbell or dumbbells)
10 push ups
10 triceps dips
10 rows (I used cables, but you can use bands, TRX, chin up bar or dumbbells)
10 squat presses (I used a barbell- use what you have)
10 biceps curls (as above)
10 single leg raises (abs)
I managed to get 14-15 squat jumps in 30 seconds, and about 24 mountain climbers. I completed 3 full rounds of part two of the workout, plus an extra set of deadlifts and push-ups.
And yes, I stretched after.
As I write this I am enjoying feeling not so full after a relatively healthy dinner, and sipping on a glass of red wine. At least it’s red and not white 🙂
P.S. Make sure you track your results and post them below!

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