On failures and lessons…

What’s the difference between failures and lessons?
To me, they are very similar and both rooted, ultimately, in failure. The key difference is turning a failure into a lesson.
You see, you can either let failures stop you in your tracks OR you can take note of what didn’t work, why it didn’t work, and change your approach or plan.
It’s really that simple.
As a fitness professional, it is my duty to take both my own failures and the past failures of clients and mold them into powerful lessons that ultimately move us all forward.
Think on this for a bit – when is the last time a challenge or failure stopped you from moving forward in your life, whether in fitness, career, relationships, or otherwise? When is the last time you used the failure as feedback for a plan to move forward in a more powerful way?
Which produced a better result?
I think we both know the answer. 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on this!
Yours in Health,
Tanja X
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