Do You Hope to Overcome Emotional Eating? FVY169

It always feels the same: Commit to changing your body. Put in a ton of effort. Feel the pressure of the newest eating plan or workout regime.
Eat to numb feelings of stress or anger or sadness after a hard day. Feel guilt about emotional eating. Numb the guilt with more food. Get “back on track” with a vengeance. Harder workouts. More food restrictions and rules.
More stress. More urgency. All of this leads to even more emotional eating.
It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. It’s painful. But what if there’s another way?
What if it’s possible to work with your emotions and your body instead of against them?
What if it’s possible to let go of the forcing, and change your body at a sustainable pace, all while enjoying the journey?
You’re not broken. You don’t need to be ‘fixed’. And this podcast is for you.  I’m joined by Kayla van Egdom, certified personal trainer, MindBody eating coach and author. Kayla is passionate about helping women free themselves from the clutches of emotional eating and body hate so they can live rich, textured, present lives.
Listen in to discover:
  • The lightbulb moment that changed Kayla’s relationship with food
  • Why diets and dieting often leads to overeating and falling waaaayy off the ‘wagon’
  • The 5 Step Emotional Coaching process to learn to handle your emotions, without using food
Click here to learn more about Food Freedom with Kayla van Egdom (at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle)

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